Worship is like a drama/theater performance:

There is the audience
There are the actors
There are the stagehands
There is the script --it's a four act play.
    Act I: We gather in God's Name
    Act II: We hear God's Word
    Act III: We respond to God's Word
    Act IV: We go out into God's World

When worship is centered on God...
The Script is the liturgy (including what's in the bulletin)

The stagehands (those who help the actors put on the play) are the choir, preachers, liturgist, organist, musicians, ushers, greeters, etc.

The actors are the congregation

At First Presbyterian we enjoy what we call a blended service which include both traditional and contemporary music. We find ways to worship by using dance, art dramatic interpretation of liturgy, our jazz trio, African drums when appropriate. All ages have opportunities to be a part of the service. Our worship team meets monthly to make plans to find ways to make worship meaningful to those attending the service. Upon the recommendation of the worship team, a labyrinth was purchased to be used for private reflection by walking the labyrinth. The labyrinth was available for use during the Lenten season before and after worship on Sunday and on Wednesday nights during Lent. Plans are in the works for a permanent installation of the Labyrinth in the lower level of the center building this summer, making it available to everyone on a daily basis.