While every Sunday in the church year has importance, two seasons of the year merit special attention in our life. Both are marked by special worship services and the sanctuary has decorations as we move through advent and lent.

This year the worship committee constructed an arch to remind us of the arch that Jesus rode through on Palm Sunday. We observed Maundy Thursday with a soup and salad dinner with communion as we sat around the tables in Fellowship Hall. The men of the church served breakfast to members before church on Easter Sunday. The lilies and tulips filled the area on each side of the positiv and children enjoyed an egg hunt in the courtyard after church.

During the advent season the church is decorated by members of the flower ministry with lighted trees by the positiv and wreaths on the pillars. The last two years the church has produced Celebrate!: a telling of the Christmas story from the viewpoint of Matthew complemented by elaborately dressed wise men and the voices of the sanctuary choir.