Open Door Food Kitchen
Ever since the opening of the Open Door Food Kitchen, our members have joined other churches and organizations to feed the hungry of St. Joseph. Our assigned day is the fourth Tuesday of the month and we have never failed to provide a nutritious meal to those coming to be fed. In January, First Pres established a second team to serve on the third Friday of the month to fill a void in the calendar.

Our numbers served tend to be large because we serve at the end of the month when our diners possibly have fewer dollars to go around. Summertime sees a spike in our numbers because school is out and children come with their parents.

While members once prepared casseroles at home, the cooks now prepare the meal in the kitchen installed in recent years. The cooks start around 8:30 ~ stirring, chopping and measuring to get things ready for the ovens. The servers begin dishing up the meal at 11:15 and serve until 1:00. We can count on serving from 160 to 260 meals each day we serve.

What do we serve? A delicious dish which includes ground meat, tomatoes, green peppers, noodles, and Worcestershire sauce. The Friday team serves a casserole of sausage and macaroni in a marinara sauce.

All meals served at the Open Door Food Kitchen are free. For many of the diners, this is the only meal they have for the day. Second helpins are allowed as long as the food holds out. The meal includes a vegetable, bread and butter and a dessert. The food kitchen provides not only nourishment for them, but also a chance to visit with others.

Nourishing others whose stomachs need filling is important work for us.