Members, regardless of their age, learn what it means to be a part of our church family.

The session approved a new weekend program to help people in need which allows involvement by our members and families who are busy during the week with work and school. On St. Joe Serve weekend, families and children worked to help out people who could not help themselves ~ they cut grass, weeded, painted and generally had a good time on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They also visited the Women's Shelter at the YWCA at Christmastime and volunteered at the InterServ shelter during the winter.

When the children are old enough, they light the candles on the communion table each Sunday, and help collect coins from the congregation on Coin Sunday. These coins are added to the Local Mission budget that helps people with immediate needs. Pastor Krista visits with the children each Sunday and many times explains what will be happening during the service to increase their understanding. After this time, the children are dismissed to go to the nursery or class for a story and activity to help them learn about Christianity in a way they can understand.

We are inspired by the large stained glass window in the sanctuary that shows Jesus surrounded by children. We enjoy the children in our first family.