Kitchen Closet
Two large closets in our Fellowship Hall contain a supply of items that people who are trying to get a fresh start in life like to visit. The closets contain pillows, blankets, sheets, dishes, pots and pans, towels and any small items that would help people get a fresh start. Women getting ready to leave the women's shelter at the YMCA are frequent visitors, as are people referred to us by the AFL-CIO agency. Individuals with referrals call and make an appointment to come to the closet where a church member works with them to help with their selections. There is no charge for the items they need.

Members are encouraged to bring items they no longer need, but are still serviceable to the closet and some funds are available through the Mission budget of the church.

The second Sunday of every month, the Christian Experience and Worship Teams focus on a different mission opportunity. In June, the focus was on the Kitchen Closet. The majority of the items on the table seen in the right-hand picture were purchased for a grand total of $14.59. With some quick shopping at a thrift store in Atchison, KS, Habitat ReStore and Wal-Mart, we were able to "Set the Table" for a family of 4-6 with plates, bowls, cups, mugs, serving plates, bud vases, baskets and table cloths. Think of the impact just a little time and money can make for a family transitioning out of homelessness.

We are happy to help people trying to make a new start. Those who shop our closets are so grateful and seeing people leave the closet with big smiles on their faces makes everyone feel good.