Food For Kids
During the summer months, FPC members and friends make sandwiches to feed hungry children through the Food 4 Kids program run by Sheila and Kenzie Gilbert in midtown St. Joseph. Lunches include bags of chips, cups of pudding, applesauce or fresh fruit, as well as the meat and cheese sandwiches children find in their sacks.

Edison teacher, Leanne Davis, learned of the program when some of her students told her about it. She had tried to help the program the summer of 2010 and encouraged the mission team of the church to become involved. The answer to her was yes, we can.

The generous financial support of the congregation through a Sunday offering got the mission underway and FPC continues to provide financial support, cases of water and time donated by church members.

Members gather after worship services to put non-perishable items into sacks, then a group of volunteers gathers Tuesday afternoons to make sandwiches and complete the sack lunches. The following morning, another church volunteer picks up the filled sacks and delivers them by 9 a.m. to the Gilberts.

Thanks to all who help feed the hungry children of this community. Way to Go!