Faith in Action
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Website. If you need further
help, please contact Faith In
Action at this number:
(816) 271-7279
Volunteers from First Presbyterian, along with other churches, Catholic Charities, Heartland Foundation and Heartland Regional Medical Center, provide service to unmet needs of seniors in St. Joseph through an organization called "Faith in Action". The Faith in Action teams can provide transportation, visitation, ramp building and moving assistance to seniors needing these services without charge.

Each partner chooses the types of services that they will offer. The church is then contacted by Faith in Action if a request for assistance comes in.

Faith in action facts:

  • People are asked to buy materials for the project.
  • Program coordinator visits to determine need.
  • Lowes and other big stores will provide lumber for larget projects like ramps.
  • On larger projects, several churches will provide volunteers.
Ministering to the needs of your neighbors helps them to live independently as possible. Helping our neighbors throughout St. Joseph is a good thing. Contact Faith in Action at 816-271-7279 for help.