One of the congregation's favorite times during worship is Children's Time with Pastor Krista. During our Sunday church service, she calls them to come sit on the step in front of the church and talks to them about whatever is appropriate for that Sunday. If there is a baptism scheduled, she shows them the baptismal font and explains what will be happening. Other Sundays, she sends the children with their brightly colored sacks into the congregation to collect coins for Coin Sunday. Sometimes they are involved in events like Veteran's Day where they salute as Krista reads a short piece honoring those who serve or have served. Children are a part of worship every Sunday.

Thanks to the talents of FPC member, Patricia, our smallest Presbyterians are finding that the nursery has been populated by Noah and his ark and the many animals he took with him to avoid the flood. This past year, the children have learned about life in Bible times, the meaning of Advent and Christmas, Pentecost, Lent and Easter in ways that have meaning for children. They learn the basic parts and characters in the story, sing songs to reinforce them, find them in the Bible and play games or make things to remind us of the importance of the story and how it relates to us now. After church, the children join us for Fellowship Hour.

We participate in the downtown churches combined Vacation Bible School and hosted it this year.