301 North 7th Street • Saint Joseph, MO 64501

to the First Presbyterian Church Website. As you browse through our website you will come to see that we are a community of people journeying with and toward Jesus Christ. We are a diverse group from many walks of life. We don't think we have all the answers, but we believe we are asking some of the right questions. On this journey we worship, share meals, reach out to the lonely and oppressed, learn about God and each other, love art and music, care for children and youth, and seek to walk humbly with our God. Why not join us on our journey?

Worship 10:30 am
Adult Bible Study 9:15 am
Pastor Krista Kiger

Don't forget about
First Thursday Noon Concerts.

FPC Office Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday
(Closed Monday and Friday)


Oct 24: Bible Study 10:30

Oct 25: Bells Rehearsal 7 - EEJ 7

Oct 28: All Saints Service - Adult Study 9:15 - Choir Rehearsal 9:15 - Worship 10:30, followed by Stewardship team


Nov 1: Bible Study 10:30

Nov 2: Noontime Concert 12:10 - Bells Rehearsal 7

Nov 3: Global Marketplace in Center Room 1-6

Nov 4: Adult Study 9:15 - Choir Rehearsal 9:15 - Worship 10:30 - Deacons meet following worship - Global Marketplace in Center Room following worship until 1

Nov 7: Bible Study 10:30 - Women's Circle @ Ruth Fountain's 7

Nov 8: Building & Grounds Team 11:30 - Bells rehearsalf 7 - Mission & Social Justice Team 7:30

Nov 10: Dittemore/Schultz wedding